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Hessle Computers
29 The Weir
East Yorkshire
HU13 0SB

Tel: 01482 645304

EMail: sales@kim-uk.com

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday - 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday - 9.30 am to 1 pm
Sunday - Closed
Welcome to all 00 customers.

I am still happy to help repair your machines. Parts are getting hard to find, however I am finding different ways around issues to keep your beloved machines running. The parts price chart does need a little updating to show availability with better accuracy.
If you would like to talk through your issues, or simply need some advice please do not hesitate to use the RMA form (RMA form). Phone lines are usually busy so contact form is preferred.

Thank you all for your custom and I hope that you are still having faultless give with your machines.

00 Repair
Posted on 01 Feb 2017 by 00 Steve
Welcome All.
Just an update as to the situation with the 00DJ and 00VJ services that is offered.

I (Steve) am no longer working directly for Kim-UK, however I am still providing the services for the 00 systems through them.

All hardware spares are held by Kim-UK, with repairs been shipped to the shop for myself to process at a weekend. I know this puts a big delay on any repairs, but it will be the only way that it can be done around work and home life. Spare parts for the 00DJ Systems are getting VERY thin on the ground, but some are still obtainable. The 00VJ spares are still holding firm, with plenty of aesthetic parts available, so do not let your machine look scruffy..

As for phone calls and advice please still keep contacting the wonderful staff at Kim-UK, but info will be taken and passed onto myself. Since I am doing all the calls in my spare time after working hours, and due to high demand for Advice I may be implementing a fee structure. This is to help prevent it from effecting Work and home life too much. Any fees paid within a set time will be deducted from any labor charge if hardware repair is required.

I hope that this is fair for all that still need my services.

Posted on 11 May 2015 by 00 Steve
We have a Great range of New and Refurbished Laptops, Tower Computers and LCD Screens just waiting for new customers. Prices starting from as low as £85 for the computers, and £5 for the LCD Screens.

If your computer is running slow, or you have popups all over the place that annoy you then our services start from just £25 and can be done by the next day in many cases.

There is a fantastic stock of Cartridge World Inks for the majority of printers, just ask and we can find and price the right ones for your printer model.

Since we also share with the wonderful shop Atkinsons of Hessle, you can kill two birds with one stone when you visit. Jill has a great selection of the Original Light bulbs for all those that do not like the energy saving ones. For those that would like to save energy, ask the questions or just see what they are like, we have a variety of different styles lit on display for you to choose from. There is also a good selection of small electrical items, from toasters and kettles, to hair dryers and curling tongs. Hoover repair and service, and Lamp repair are also done.

So Please pop in and see us, we always welcome new faces and challenges.
Posted on 31 Jan 2015 by 00 Steve

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